A Transaction represents the payment process. Transactions are automatically created when an authorization is submitted to the Payment Order.

Authorization period

For all payment methods that implement an authorization mechanism (bank_card platform) the authorization periods are :

  • Standard Payment : 7 days
  • Payment for goods and services : 30 days (Only for customers, with a custom VAD contract, after authorizations from your bank)


Transactions can have the following status :

pendingSet when the Transaction is created
authorizedSet when an Authorization has succeeded on the Transaction
capturedSet when the whole amount of the Transaction has been captured
partly_capturedSet when the captured amount is less than the original amount
refusedSet when an operation is refused
errorSet when a technical error has occurred
expiredSet when the Transaction has expired
refundedSet when the Transaction has been refunded
partly_refundedSet when the refunded amount is less than the original amount
canceledSet when an Operation of this Transaction has been canceled