Listeners are an easy way to subscribe to events. You can create up to 10 listeners.

An hmac-key is associated to each Listener. This key is used to encrypt the request content with a sha256 algorithm, and the result of this encryption is put in the signature header.

If your server does not respond (timeout) or if the status code of the http response of your server is higher than 400 the notifications will be retried 5 times according to the following rules :

  • 1st retry after 1 minute
  • 2nd retry after 5 minutes
  • 3nd retry after 1 hour
  • 4nd retry after 2 hours
  • 5nd retry after 6 hours

Note that the timeout is set to 5 seconds per request. Make sure your server responds in time.


Listeners must use the HTTPS protocol.


In local development mode, you can use a tool like Ngrok to receive your notifications.