The Payment Order creation is the entry point for any payment you need to process.

If you need to process Authorization in the same time, you can set the authorize parameter. This parameter is an object that must contain the parameters you would set on the Authorize call.

Parameters :

amountThe amount, in centsrequired
authorizeAuthorization parameters. Set this object if you need to process Authorization right after the Payment Order creation. Only available for platforms without strong authentication.
auto_captureIf true, the operations will be automatically captured whenever possible. Otherwise, you'll need to call the Capture endpoint. Default is true
buyerThe Buyer object, or id (buy_) of an existing Buyerrequired
capture_onSet this parameter if you need us to capture the operations on a specific day and hour. Format : yyyy-mm-dd, example : 2022-05-21
descriptionAn optional description to this Payment Order
max_operationsThe maximum number of operations. If the amount is not reached with this number of operations, the Payment Order will automatically be canceled (and the potential authorizations made). Default is null (no maximum)
modeRecurrence of the Payment Order. Only instant mode is available at the momentrequired
partial_allowedIf true, the Payment Order will be successful immediatly after an operation is Authorized, regardless of the amount. Default is false
platformsAn array containing the platforms that can be processed through this Payment Order. If not set, all the validated Platforms of your Shop will be available
referenceYour reference to this Payment Order
shipping_addressThe Shipping Address associated with this order
ttlTime To Live, in seconds. Default : 600. Max : 3600.
return_urlThe URL of redirection after a payment is processed on our hosted page
cancel_urlThe URL of redirection after a payment is canceled on our hosted page

Marketplace parameters :

feesYour fees amount (in cts). platforms and shop_id are required. Only for bank_card platforms with wallet enabled.
shop_idThe Shop ID for which you are processing this Payment Order