Due Diligence for Payment Configs with Wallet

If your shop or sub-shop requires a bank card Payment Config with a wallet, you will need to provide PayGreen with a set of information and legal documents.

The best and safest way to provide this information is to go to the Documents and Information sections of your back-office.

However, you can submit this information using our API.

Shop information

First of all, please make sure that you have entered your shop commercial name and city :

Payment Config

Once your store is created, you can request the creation of your wallet Payment Config as follows :


Good to know

It may happen that the creation of a store takes 1 or 2 seconds to propagate through our system. In this case, the creation of the Payment Config must be slightly delayed.


Setup beneficial owners

First, you need to enter the details of each of your company's beneficial owners and add them to your Shop.

When you add the contact to your shop, the add_functions must contain beneficial_owner, and at least one of the following : president, leader, treasurer, secretary, external_provider, employee, volunteer

Get the list of required documents

Here's what you need to pay attention to :


kbisA KBIS document, also known as "K-Bis extract" or "K-Bis certificate," is an official document issued in France that provides essential information about a registered company or business entity.
id_docA piece of identification corresponding to a beneficial owner (contact)
ibanIBAN belonging to your company, to which you wish to receive your payments


This optional field indicates the extradata you must enter for the Document entity :

Extradata keyExpected valueExample
ibanThe IBAN corresponding to the one sent in the fileBE43798371973401
id_doc_subtypeType of identity documentid_card, passport or residence_permit

This object shows you the contact ID associated with the document. If you have more than one beneficial owner, you need to make sure you upload the right ID for the right contact.

Upload files

The next step is to upload the necessary files in the documents. Concerning id_doc documents, please note that in some cases you may need to upload more than one file, with extradata on File :

id_doc_subtypeNumber of files requiredextradata on each File
id_card2{"side": "front"}, or {"side": "back"}

Your file must be base64 encoded.

Extensions allowed :

  • id_doc : jpg, png
  • kbis : jpg, png, pdf
  • iban : jpg , png , pdf



Expired, illegible, truncated or black-and-white identity documents will not be accepted. Please check documents before sending.

In some cases, missing information may be mentioned in the shop.missing_informations attribute, which you can find in the GET Shop endpoint.

Once all your files have been uploaded, and all the required information about your store has been entered, the validation process for your shop will begin automatically.