Apple Pay


Apple Pay is in preview mode, you must ask our support team to create the payment config

To handle Apple Pay payments there is two options:

  • By hosted page
  • By hosted fields, on you own website

Any way, you must first create the payment config in your PayGreen back office.

Then, by hosted page there is no more configuration needed. All customers accessing your hosted page with an Apple device which is Apple Pay ready, should see the Apple Pay button.

On your website, you can do it with PGJS. PGJS will not display the official Apple Pay button, you must do it by your own. Please add the style classes recommanded by Apple Documentation.

  style="display: inline-block; -webkit-appearance: -apple-pay-button; -apple-pay-button-type: check-out;"

Due to Apple security policy, you cannot start an Apple Pay session without a user gesture. This mean, you cannot initialize PGJS with apple_pay in the payment_method parameter. You must initialize PGJS without any payment_method and let the customer click on the Apple Pay button that you made by your own.